Monday, December 10, 2012

Please warn people that killer guns and cars are on the loose.

Brennan: NFL struggling through dark days, Christine Brennan, USA TODAY, Sports.

“... One week after Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher killed the mother of his nearly 3-month-old daughter [Kasandra Perkins, 22] and then killed himself, the Cowboys are mourning the loss of a teammate while another has been arrested for intoxication manslaughter.

Nose tackle Josh Brent, who was to have started this Sunday against the Bengals, was arrested early Saturday morning after the car he was driving flipped over, killing his lone passenger, Cowboys practice-squad player Jerry Brown, who was Brent's teammate not only in Dallas but also at the University of Illinois from 2007-09....”

“On Saturday, a rich 25-year-old man, Jovan Belcher, murdered his 22-year-old girlfriend, the mother of his child. First, columnist Jason Whitlock of Fox Sports suggested that this “25-year-old kid” wasn’t responsible for his actions – it was the “gun culture” that was to blame. Then, Bob Costas of NBC repeats this idiotic notion, even though the 6'2", 228 lb. linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs could easily have murdered his girlfriend with a knife.”

A gun got out of control and killed Perkins and Belcher, but an uncontrolled knife would have been just as deadly. A car, aided by alcohol, also got out of control and killed Brown, yet only guns seem to have the natural inclination to kill people, and need controlled. Are not uncontrolled knives, cars and alcohol just as dangerous, even killing more people than guns ever hoped to kill? Yet we do not hear of knives, cars, nor alcohol, killing people. Why are they left blameless, while guns get all the blame?

Uncontrolled knives, cars and alcohol are far more dangerous than guns ever hoped to be, so why is not the Brady bunch making serious effort to confiscate those killer knives, cars and alcohol? Where are the “buy back” programs to get those killer knives out of circulation, and those killer cars off the road? And don’t forget killer alcohol.

Killer guns, killer cars, killer alcohol, killer knives. Why cannot people think logically? Hypocrisy prevails unchallenged.

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